You are the future

For every child,
there is sadness.

For every adult,
there is pain.

For every person alive,
there are times
they'd rather wish away.

No human being can escape
the tight hold that life
has on us,
no person can escape pain,
sorrow or sadness.

We are made to feel,
and to be able to do that,
we have to take the whole
both the good and the bad.

But every time I look at you,
I can see a future
without pain and with out sadness,
I see a light,
shining like no other
it gives a shine to the world
that makes it almost God-like
in its appearance.

You are the hope of the future,
you are the one that is bound
to change the world.

Only you can do it,
only you can make people see.


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