"... wanna go home."

I was not old,
but I was not young,
I had lived through some
but not experienced all.

Oh, take me away,
take me down the road
to freedom,
cause I wanna be free,
want to fly away with

I was not old,
when I was told to go,
I was not young when
I obeyed.

Oh, try to bring me back,
you'll see that it's futile,
cause I'll never come back.

You made sure of that,
yes you made sure of that.

You are the future

For every child,
there is sadness.

For every adult,
there is pain.

For every person alive,
there are times
they'd rather wish away.

No human being can escape
the tight hold that life
has on us,
no person can escape pain,
sorrow or sadness.

We are made to feel,
and to be able to do that,
we have to take the whole
both the good and the bad.

But every time I look at you,
I can see a future
without pain and with out sadness,
I see a light,
shining like no other
it gives a shine to the world
that makes it almost God-like
in its appearance.

You are the hope of the future,
you are the one that is bound
to change the world.

Only you can do it,
only you can make people see.

"... att komma bort."

Ett enda slag till,
en enda tår till
är vad jag övertalar mig själv om.

Smärtan växer, mörkret härjar,
jag önskar mig bort
ändå stannar jag kvar.

Ett sår till,
en enda natt till,
är vad jag vill.

Ändå fortsätter jag
i samma mönster,
dag efter dag.

Fortsätter att gå utan att se,
fortsätter att leva utan att känna,
jag vill inte, jag vill inte.

Jag vill ingenting.

"... man måste gå vidare."

Jag önskar att jag kunde se
allt det bra här i livet,
de ljusa punkterna
den kärlek alla pratar om.

Jag vill inte se mörker,
känna smärta som om
det är ingenting,
jag vill inte vara såhär.

Jag vill inte vara vem jag är.

Snälla låt mig komma härifrån.

"... losing myself."

Why do I not trust
the people around
and the ones most near?

Do you not see
when I withdraw,
close in on myself?

How come I have lost
the ability to stay
in the real world?

I wish not
that I were like this,
yet I cannot hinder it
in any way.

"... heart, what do you seek?"

Oh heart,
how can you be so cruel
that you do not care for me,
cause me pain that would be
better off somewhere else other than within me?
Why do you so enjoy to torture me;
slice me from the inside,
leave scars no one can see,
other than me?
I have tried to quell the ache,
dull the internal knife yet nothing works,
no nothing works.
Do you want me to die, heart?

"... a better person."

You were a better person;
a better person
when you were alone;
oh, how cruel of me
to say so, don't you think?

Though maybe you remember
what I said; do you remember?
"I'll always tell you the truth",
were my words for you,
do you remember?

Maybe you do not see,
they way you act
when people are around,
but you are a better person
when you are alone.

You don't laugh with nothing
but bad intentions,
don't mock others for their
speech or person,
walk not like you are better;
for you are a better person
when you are alone.

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