"... the boy who left."

His smile used to light up the room,
his laughter leave a warm feeling
in the chest of every person present.

One day,
his smiles could not be seen,
his laughter not heard.

'Cause one day,
he was no longer there,
for he had decided to end it all,
not wanting to live anymore.

"We did not know,
how he felt,
but if only he had told us,
we would've helped."

What he did not know,
was that there were people
that loved him,
and that he was never alone,
even when he thought so

He did not know,
that when he left,
many hearts were broken,
and minds betrayed,
wondering what they did

If someone had been
perspective enough to see,
see his hurt and pain,
if they had told him
"I love you,
just the way you are",
would things have been

Or would nothing have
been changed?


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